December doTERRA Special Offers


Tis the season to be giving!

Place any 200PV+ order during December and receive a FREE FRANKINCENSE 15ml (valued at $119.97 retail).

What is Frankincense, The KING of Oils good for? 
~ Calming, grounding and supportive to all the systems of the body

~ Nourish you nervous system and support your emotional and mental wellbeing

~ Diffuse to create a grounding and focused atmosphere

~ Apply topically to help reduce the appearance of skin imperfections

~ Take one to 2 drops in a capsule twice a day to support and nourish your cellular health, immune system and nervous system

~ Not only is it the the King of oils, but also known as the oil of The Father! Use aromatically or apply topically across the forehead and over your heart to encourage connection to Higher Power, Universal Consciousness, Spirit, or the God of your own understanding. Transcend limiting beliefs , fears, and worries. Dispel feelings of abandonment, disconnection to Source, low self esteem, feelings of rejection or unworthiness.

Blends well with: All oils!! That’s right, when in doubt, turn to Frankincense!

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