A day in the life of this oils lover


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Being a busy mum with 2 toddlers, running a business, and keeping all the balls in the air can be quite the journey sometimes. Using doTERRA essential oils and products daily didn’t happen over night. But once I made the commitment to change how I did things daily for the betterment of mine and my families health, it became a must. I put my oils out around the house so I remembered to use them and over time, using them became part of my daily habits. Like anything with us complicated humans, changes don’t happen instantly. It takes time, practice, dedication to the cause and, you guessed it, making daily choices to do the things that will get you to your goals.

Since using oils daily, my energy is better, my skin has improved, my immune system strengthened, my emotions more manageable, my toddlers emotions more manageable, my families overall health and wellbeing has improved and our overall toxic load on our home has reduced. Just to mention a few. So, if you have been curious of what oils I use on a daily basis, then read on fellow oil lover! For the day is always better and the journey always smoother (and way better smelling) with oils!

I start my day with 2 drops Lemon oil in my water (be mindful, lemon oil likes to run out of the bottle!). I literally swing my legs out of bed, add my oil to my glass of water, sit and bless my water with a blessing of love - a little gift to myself each morning and a reminder to choose love. I then receive this blessing of love, along with a kick start of freshness to my day. Lemon is a brilliant immune system support oil. It also helps kick start my digestive system and the detoxification process. It’s a citrus oil of course, so it is uplifting and refreshing.

It’s time then to get my 1 and 2.5 year old girls out of bed and apply 1 drop of Balance Grounding Blend to the soles of their feet to help their nervous system off to a good start. Balance is made up of tree and root oils to help ground us (Spruce Leaf, Ho Wood Leaf, Frankincense Resin, Blue Tansy Flower, Blue Chamomile Flower, and Osmanthus Flower essential oils in a base of Fractionated Coconut Oil). If you have wondered how amazing Balance is on a cellular level, watch this amazing video about the fast effects it has on our cells and how quickly it can support us. It is calming, grounding, helps ease anxious feelings, and provides an overall whole-body sense of wellbeing.

I then prepare brekky and take my supplements. Currently I am taking the following to support all systems of my body: LifeLong Vitality Supplements for clarity, vitality, energy, and my daily hit of essential vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, antioxidants and essential oils; DDR Prime for cellular health and digestive support; and Mito-Max in the mornings for energy and endurance. I also make a gel cap of 2 drops Frankincense, Copaiba (both immune & nervous system support) and Zendocrine (detoxification).

I feel it is important to point out here that I did my research before choosing to take essential oils internally. I would not recommend taking any other brand as I cannot vouch for their purity. With doTERRA however, I know I can trust their quality and purity because each batch is tested externally by 3 different bodies prior to being released for sale. They are then stamped CTPG - Certified Pure Tested/Therapeutic Grade. There are many studies available that prove the efficacy of internal use of essential oils to support us naturally. Please note that essential oils however are not governed globally and most of what is on the market is synthetic. So please be careful when choosing your brand if you do decide internal use if for you. I did my research and listened to my intuition. I recommend you do the same.

Once brekky is done, I clean the high chairs, bench tops and floor (my husband and I joke this is the messiest and cleanest part of our house!) with On Guard Cleaner Concentrate diluted in a spray bottle. On Guard protective blend cleans our surfaces effectively and with no nasty chemicals. It smells amazing and not only cleans surfaces, but also clears the space energetically. It smells a little like orange chai spice and contains Wild Orange Peel, Clove Bud, Cinnamon Leaf, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus Leaf, and Rosemary Leaf/Flower essential oils. By now, I have washed my hands several times with the On Guard Foaming Hand Wash which not only cleans my hands of germs but also doesn’t dry my hands out like a lot of hand soaps can. I brush my teeth with On Guard toothpaste and I am ready to rock.

I then get dressed and use a Homemade Deodorant Paste that is easy to make, and gentle on my skin. I then wash my face, and apply my Essential Skin Care range. My go to is cleanser, toner, then daily moisturiser and eye cream with the little contraption that looks like an alien eyeball applicator thingy. Quick and easy - that is a must with 2 toddlers under two in tow in the mornings routine! I then roll on or apply to my diffuser bracelet some kind of smell that supports me in the moment - often my go to’s are Clary Calm Women’s Monthly Blend, Peace or Console - depending on how tired everyone is and how much my heart and nervous system need a hug in that moment. My other favourite pure-fumes are Elevation, Ascend (from the Yoga Collection), or Passion. Sometimes I also pick and oil intuitively or use my Emotions Wheel to select and support myself.

I send my 2.5 year old to “Little School” with her own supportive oils roller kit which she uses as she needs through the day. When she is feeling overwhelmed, she will ask the carers for her oils. She knows which one she wants and it always helps her in the moment. I feel good knowing I have empowered her to support herself. After dropping off the girls at which ever location is on the schedule that day, depending on the schedule of the day, I head home to do some work - on myself and for my business.

I tend to get to my yoga mat mid morning, as life with little ones doesn’t really afford me an early morning practice as I would like. So, I make it work when I can. On my yoga mat I love InTune, I love the Yoga Collection. I love to use Balance, Passion, Peace, Frankincense, Easy Air or a personal blend of sorts that really goes with how I am feeling at the time, or what I would like to invite in more of, i.e. if I am working on self-love and acceptance, I might use a blend of Bergamot, Grapefruit, and Ylang Ylang. I tend to use oils aromatically in the diffuser and topically on my skin during my practice. It takes everything to a whole new level.

It’s lunch and then office time. Through the day, I reach often for Peppermint, Motivate Encouraging Blend or In Tune Focus Blend rollers - to help me stay focussed and get-shit-done while I have small pockets of time to do things. I roll these on my pulse points, back of neck and over my heart.

“Witching hour” and dinner sees my putting something calming in my Lumo Diffuser like Peace, Aromatouch, or Balance - usually 6-8 drops as we have an open combined living area. I then bath the girls and pop a drop of Lavender in their bath to help bring everything down a notch. It’s is soothing to their skin, and calming to their systems. Bed time is when I roll a sleepy calming blend on the girls, and load their diffuser with Lavender Peace. I let the diffuser run for about an hour while we go through the bed time routine.

When it’s time for my down time, I do an evening mediation and some journalling, using either a drop of Balance in my palms and inhaled, or a drop or roll on of a meditation blend I have created from calming, grounding, centring oils such as Cedarwood, Lavender, Frankincense and Patchouli - these oils also all help prepare me for a more restful sleep. Then it’s bed time for me. A delightful drop of Lavender Peace goes on my pulse points, back of my neck, soles of my feet, and over my heart as I lay down to sleep. It slows the cogs in my head and is like a big hug for my nervous system. I take a deep breath and promptly fall into a deep restful sleep. Ready to do it all again then next day.

When other things pop up in my day like muscles aches and discomfort, I use Ice Blue & Ice Blue Rub (called Deep Blue in the USA); if I have head and neck tension, I use Past Tense Roller; if I have digestive issues, I use Digest Zen and if the sniffles strike I use Easy Air to help open my airways.

You might be thinking: "That is a LOT of different oils & products, how the hell can you afford it all?” Well, I have been using doTERRA for two years now and have collected my oils over time by being a member of their Loyalty Rewards Program. I receive a free product every month for ordering a certain amount and, after 13 months, I reached a discount bracket of 55% off retail, so I buy a third of my supplies on points! Yep, on points! You can find out more about the “LRP” here. You can also score a lot of these daily use products in a fantastically valued enrolment kit called the Natures Solutions kit. This kit is designed to get you started with a brilliant range of daily use oils, plus other products that empower you start reducing toxic load across your home. A great place to start your doTERRA journey.

You might also be thinking: “Is it safe to use all those through the day?” Our body runs it’s own detox flush system cyclically throughout the day. So I don’t need to panic over loading myself when I follow recommended dosing - i.e. 1-2 drops of an oil topically or internally. The beauty of using doTERRA means I don’t have to worry about the quality of what I am using - that has been taken care of. I know they are pure and natural and my body will use them in whatever ways it needs to and gets rid of what it doesn’t. That’s part of the goodness of using nature’s gifts.

As we all know, everyday on this human experience is different, so different days will call for some different supportive needs. The importance of supporting myself needs to be high on my priority list - otherwise, mamma aint no good to anybody. So, make sure you are doing the things that fill your cup, so you can continue feeding all those you love and care about from your full cup. Yoga, meditation, mindfulness practices, journalling and oils have become all essential tools in my wellness tool kit. Are you ready to make them part of yours?

If you are now thinking: “How do I get me some???” For more information on doTERRA oils and incorporating them into your daily life and reducing your toxic load across your lifestyle, contact me as I would love to help you learn all about these amazing oils and how they can help you and your overall health and wellbeing.