What is in a doTERRA Home Essentials Kit?

So what is actually IN a HOME ESSENTIALS KIT? These are the 10 most essential oils in on super awesome kit, that ALSO comes with a diffuser so you can start using them in your home in the 3 different ways: aromatically (inhaled via diffusion or straight from the bottle), topically (either diluted and applied to the skin or applied neat – make sure you know which are safe to do so!), internally (ingesting the oils by using them as flavouring or for remedies by taking in a glass of water or in a capsule).

WHAT ARE THE OILS you ask? All come in a 10ml bottle (except for Ice Blue as it’s super potent). That’s around 200 drops in each bottle!!

– Lavender: Pain relief, de-stress, sleep support, calm your kids,
– Peppermint: Tummy friend, anti-nausea, freshen breath, uplift mood, reduce headaches.
– Frankincense: reduce headaches, bring in focus, centre yourself, grounding oil, great for skin, great for sleep.
– Oregano: Immune boosting, food flavour enhancing, anti-septic, antibacterial
– Tea Tree: antibacterial, antiseptic, purifier, anti itch, great for pimples/blemishes, perfect in your facial toner, kills odours.
– Lemon: immune boosting, antibacterial, anti-fever, antiseptic, natural air purifier, glass cleaner, degreaser.
– On Guard: Immune support for the whole family! Awesome support for the snot season and makes your house smell amazing!
– Easy Air: respiratory support for the whole family! Great support for the snot & hay fever seasons.
– Ice Blue (5ml): Aches & pains support for muscles and joints.
– Digest Zen: stomach and digestion support for the whole family! Helps with upset tummy.

Yes, all of these and so much more! Every one of these oils can do so much to support your family’s health naturally.

It’s $330. An investment that will change your life for the better!. It includes your wholesale membership with doTERRA PLUS points that you can spend later on buying more oils! That’s a win, win, WIN!

THIS IS THE KIT to start with! If you want, you can order a larger kit that has more amazingness in it if you like, and you just get more bonuses, but this is a great place to start!

AND if you sign up before the end of June (yes, 2 days left), you get an extra $200 worth of FREEBIES included!!! (See previous post).


SIGN UP INSTRUCTIONS: https://gingerkiyoga.com.au/doterra/

Kylie x