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Ginger Ki Yoga Class Schedule

PLEASE NOTE:   If you are interested in booking a private with a group or just 1 or 2, please contact me for details.  Thank you.  ॐ




Vinyasa Yoga
Ovens Valley Physio & Pilates, 
Shop 5, 153-159Myrtle St

       7:30pm     * Starting Oct 23rd 2017
    - 8:30pm 

** Vinyasa Yoga

Bright Bootcamp & Co, Churchill Ave

** HOT Yoga
Bright Bootcamo & Co, Churchill Ave

   - 10:30am

   - 10:30am   

** Vinyasa Yoga 
Bright Bootcamo & Co, Churchill Ave
BRIGHT (alternating weeks)

** HOT Yoga 
Bright Bootcamo & Co, Churchill Ave
BRIGHT (alternating weeks)



   - 7:00pm

-    8:15am

-   9:30am

** Not available on a GKYW 10 pack, this class is payable to Bright Bootcamp & Co. See their schedule for I will also be teaching the odd Fri 6pm Yin and Sat 7am & 8:30am Hot Yoga each month. 

Classes are approx. 1 hr. Mats, block & straps available for rent. Private classes also available. Contact us for more information.


~ Drop in class = $17 (Applicable to weekly regular classes).

~ 1 Month Pass - $56 (These have an expiry of 1 month from the date of purchase and are relevant for any regular class schedule. These exclude retreats, workshops and events outside of the regular weekly schedule, unless otherwise specified). 

~ Privates = $80 pp for 1.5 hrs (Arranged by appointment. An additional $10 per person beyond that will apply). 



Retreat Bookings

Workshops & Programs

For further information contact Kylie on 0413 479 483.

Go to for more details and class updates. 

"Were it not for Kylie, I would never have developed my love for yoga. A few years ago, I was diagnosed with a calcium deficiency that affected the stamina of my muscles. I started yoga as an attempt to regain control of my fitness but I doubted my ability to hold poses for extended periods of time. However, Kylie was able to help me to condition my body and, most importantly, my mind, so that I believed I could overcome my limits. Now, not only am I able to hold poses but yoga has complemented my martial arts practice by improving my core strength, stamina and mental stillness. 

I highly recommend Kylie to help you begin your yoga journey!"
~ Miguel Antonio Andrade, N.E. Victoria


Porepunkah Community Hall, Martley Street, Porepunkah.  
Please check the schedule for days/times. Please arrive 5-10 minutes prior. All levels welcome. See you there. 

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